Friday, 2 April 2010

Part B: Beatrix Potter's Benjamin Bunny

Blooming Brainiac, I remember Benjamin Bunny!

Can you remember Benjamin Bunny? Did you ever own Beatrix Potter books? Did you ever bear the itsy bitsy books that beautifully bottled up each beloved fable to fit in your palm? The cups and saucers that symbolised a bursting bundle of joy in your belly every time breakfast was served?

Did you ever read them, basking in the sun on a blanket in the backyard, in your best bonnet with a massive brim, or protected by a baby blue brolly, eating berries from a basket? Did you ever read them burrowed beneath the bedspread on a blowy rainy day, beckoning Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit to boldy bounce out of the books and play with you?

I did :) Listen to Benjamin Bunny below. Believe in the bunny ... the bunny is back.



  1. Oh how beautiful haha well done you! :o)

  2. Beautiful and humourous, Loved it.
    Have a good day.

  3. My mum is going to Beatrix Potter's home in two weeks. I found the tour for her, I am so envious, she gets to see inside,and visits to two museums dedicated to BP.
    Well done on the B's, good choice.

  4. I do believe and I remember Benjamin Bunny...Beatrix Potter rocks...I'm wondering which present day author we have that is somewhat similar to Beatrix Potter? I can't think of any...

  5. Great Job! I remember the bunnies..*sigh* memories. lol..

  6. Did she do the "Bunnykins"dishes? We had to get some when my wife tested possitive for Bambino, 'cause a childhood without Bunnykins is like Christmas without cookies!

  7. I LOVED that one! (The post and the book!)

  8. After listening for a moment(didn't have time for the whole story right now), I recall my daughters having this book when they were little. I used to read to them nearly every night and this was one of the books we'd read. In fact, I'm pretty sure I ran across a copy of this book just the other day in my garage. Another great alliterative post -- how can I not read your posts every day!

  9. Did I? Beatrix Potter is only my favorite children's author EVER! I also adore her illustrations. I can't wait to share her talent with my child!

    Stopping by from the A to Z challenge.

    Have a blessed day!

  10. I am so bloomin' impressed how you worked so many b's into this! Haha!

    I did have some Beatrix Potter books when I was young but sadly I don't remember too much about them. They didn't make an impression, I guess.

    Happy Friday!

  11. Once again great skill at using letter of the day. And thanks so much for the kind words you left over at my blog. The letter should prove very creative for you. Love the story!

  12. I got to read through all of the tiny tomes again when my kids were toddlers--bliss!

  13. I loved the story of Peter Rabbit. I remember my grandmother reading it to me, and to this day, I still get that warm fuzzy feeling when I think of the book. :)

  14. Great job using the letter of the day. I read all the Baatrix Potter books when I was a child. After listen to Benjamin Bunny I am going to reread them and share them with my nice. Easter Blessings.

  15. Thanks for all your comments guys! I'm so sorry for not replying indivdually - keeping up with everybody is proving to be a challenge in itself! I really appreciate you all stopping by, and be sure that I stop by yours too. Even if I don't leave a comment. I'm in a bit of a rush this weekend, it being Easter and all, but once I'm back into the swing of work, I'll be able to keep up better. THANKS AGAIN!

  16. I was an Enid Blyton person. Seems like I have missed out on something :-(


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